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The Shame of Being a Bad Blogger July 3, 2012

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Yeah, I generally suck at blogging. I often have great moments of inspiration of what to write for a post, but more often than not I’m tied up doing something with one of my two littles. Needless to say when I do make it to the computer or the iPad I’m not focused on blogging; I want some “me time” if there is such a thing and that usually means trolling Pinterest, hunting down recipes, or reading a handful of the numerous blogs that I follow. So now that I’ve managed to return to the blog world for a minute, I feel like I’m sneaking into a movie that started 10 minutes before and the only seats left are in the middle of a row so everyone is gawking at my awkward shuffling past others’ feet/belongings and whispering about the fact that I didn’t show up before the lights went down. Ok, I get it, the shame is all in my head; it’s not like anyone actually reads this blog anyways. Sigh……why do I do this to myself? Go away, shame, you’re useless and I don’t need you hanging around.

Moving on, it is HOT down here; like can’t even walk out to the mailbox without pouring sweat kind of hot. I don’t handle the heat well, especially with it being a trigger for my eczema. Someone please send a massive cold front to the Southeast and let it hang around, let’s see, I don’t know, FOREVER. I would much rather deal with cold weather than this heat. Cold weather also allows me to cook and eat lots of foods that I love that Nick has deemed “not hot weather food”. I’m talking soups and dumplings and turkey and dressing and pretty much any other traditional fall or winter food; I want these things year-round, Nick on the other hand wants them only once a year. And that translates to him not eating the leftovers of said foods too, boo to him and his pickiness. If you can’t tell I’m hungry, and I want to cook, but I also don’t want to heat up the house by cooking so I’ll probably opt for cold leftovers or a pb&j. Sigh again.

The nerd in me has been rather content for the past little bit due to my being able to play WoW. I’ve been seeking out rare spawns to tame as pets, working on lots of achievements, and, of course, expanding my companion pet collection. I set my mind on getting Sambas – a maned lion that hangs out in Twilight Highlands – and I was able to find him without any issues; I literally flew into the area and flew right over him. Once I landed I turned right around and ran down to him and secured him as my pet. My good friend Nicci declared his name Kitty and so Kitty he is. I’m still on the hunt for Aotona – a HUGE blue and purple parrot in Shalozar Basin – but she is also one of the kills for the Northern Exposure and Frostbitten achievements so she’s harder to find since other players kill her when she spawns. I’ve been getting achievements left and right because I have been running dungeons, but I’m still (ever so slowly) working on the remaining achievements to get the “Salty” title for Fishing. But as for companion pets, I was able to purchase the White Kitten from the AH and now have all the cats (unless I’m badly mistaken), and when I went out to Darkmoon Faire yesterday I caught the Sea Pony! Talk about a shock; I expected to have to “farm” for it all week and still possibly turn up empty-handed since I have tried for it the past two times Darkmoon Faire has run. My Sea Pony now accompanies me and Kitty in our adventures as we accomplish more in the game, and with that, I’m now off to play a bit more.


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