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The New Year is When? December 15, 2012

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Oh wow, how I have neglected this poor little blog!

There’s just over two weeks left until 2013 arrives, and that’s a rather frightening thing. That means that my baby boy is closing in on his first birthday – it can’t be possible I tell you! He’s getting better at walking, always wanting to keep up with his sissy, and he eats ALL THE TIME. It also means in the next two weeks my daughter will celebrate her third Christmas, and baby boy his first, and my lands are they gonna be spoiled. Thankfully we’ve planned and set aside through the year in order to give them a great Christmas even though things are ridiculously tight right now.

One of those reasons is that I’ve got food allergies and buying groceries to avoid allergens is very expensive. Also these two kids of mine keep growing, baby boy more than his sissy, but they’re growing nonetheless and that means new clothes and shoes. I seriously bought him a new pair of shoes and within three weeks he outgrew them; that is slaying any semblance of a “plan” to buy for them and making me cut out other things – namely my groceries. I eat one good “meal” a day and have a few other small snacks here and there – it’s just too expensive to do otherwise, and I still can’t manage to swing the extra to put shoes on his feet. Sigh – talk about feeling like a mom failure.

Sissy is doing better with her therapies – she has more frequent babblings and some comprehensible, albeit inconsistent, words. She loves to color which is helping her out in OT, but she still is lacking a lot of the fine motor skills she should have at this point. I’m keeping tally of any signs that signal CP being the cause of all of her issues. She’s also going to have allergy testing done soon, and seeing how I have food allergies she’s a lot more likely to have them although I hope for everything that she doesn’t. I don’t want her to have to go through the craziness that I am with my allergies.